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Youtube MEMBER Requests


  1. Jerry De Jesus.
  2. Batnaman
  3. Marlon Llaguno
  4. Jose, Jr Coloma
  5. PXZ Unlimited
  6. Black March
  7. Mark Vicente Maglinte 
  8. Ryan Caparros


  1. End of days at pagkakaiba ng mga religion dito
  2. Flannan Lighthouse Mystery
  3. Saan at papaano nagsimula ang mga Tardigrades
  4. Iba’t ibang Level ng music talent, lahat ba pwedeng makagawa ng kanta?
  5. History Ng mapa
  6. Miyazawa Family Murder
  7. CERN
  8.  11th Dimension


  1. Completed
  2. Completed
  3. Completed Research. Pending Edit
  4. Completed Research. Pending Edit
  5. Completed Research. Pending Edit
  6. Pending
  7. Pending
  8. Pending
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